Haley Celeste Miller

I come from a broken home and I thank God that I knew, I had a choice. A choice to take the path laid out for me or the choice to make a new one. A choice to blame my circumstance or a choice to change my philosophy. I want to inspire many. I want to shine. I want to empower and impact lives. I want to always grow and learn. I want to make the choice to live a great life and getting involved with Youngliving has opened up a world of possibilities. I have been with Young Living for almost two years and I started this business young, inexperienced, pregnant with a 2 year old, no community of friends because I was lost in the wonderful world of motherhood, and only knew how to live pay check to pay check but when this opportunity presented itself all I needed was a vision, a little bit of passion, humility and some commitment sprinkled on top.

With that being said, Aloha, my name is Haley Celeste Miller and I was born in a little town, called Glenwood Springs, Colorado but I have spent majority of my life in Maui, Hawaii. I appreciate anything to do with the outdoors; camping, hiking, fishing, surfing, free diving, and all the above. I have two amazing little boys who inspire me daily. My sons teach me patience, compassion, love, adventure, and how to be grateful for the simple things in life. I love to travel and immerse myself into learning about different cultures, language, trying new foods, and the overall experience of being out of my comfort zone. I am a quarter of a century into my book and there are many chapters yet to be fulfilled. I am so grateful to be on this adventure of a lifetime while adding value and passion to the world. Don’t be afraid to shine, our potential is limitless!

Email: mauisurf12@gmail.com