Grace Lim

Hello! My name is Grace Lim and I'm living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I've been introduced to Young Living by my good friend Annie Chan 2yrs ago. Ever since I got my starter kit, there was no turning back for me. I used them especially to keep my family healthy n away from over-the-counter products. The moment I used the oils, I threw out all the pharmaceutical medicine cabinet. I was actually proud of myself for doing that! The first month of using the oils, I decided to do the business. Reach Silver in 3months and my Gold in Dec'16. I believe consistency is key in our business, I never push anyone who is not ready to try the oils. They will see that I'm into my oils and the business coz that would be all I can talk about when they ask how come I always smell like I just left a spa? Hahaha...

And out come my bag of oils which I carry with me EVERYWHERE! Will let them try n smell all the oils inside. 
Love my oils and being a Lemon Dropper!