Annie Chan

Annie Chan has a foundation of BCom (Bachelor of Commerce) degree from New South Wales University, Australia. Including a brief time in investment banking, for the next few years, Annie explored a wedding photography business and managing home & fashion retail brands.

Annie’s journey into holistic wellness started in 2000 with the consistent practice of yoga. This led to her getting certified as a Yoga Alliance US registered RYT-200 yoga teacher. Annie has since been a full time yoga teacher for the past 10 years. Yoga seeded fertile ground for Annie’s thirst to continue learning about different aspects of health and wellness, for Buddhist and Yoga philosophy, Ayurvedic practices, awareness/consciousness understanding, meditation practices and more importantly, in being a student of this experience called Life.

Annie first experienced Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) in 2005 with Joy and Peace & Calming, introduced to her by a friend. Not yet ready to know anything more about the therapeutic benefits, she used them only as perfumes. Even then, these 2 bottles had left a deep impression and intuitively she knew that these oils were simply different. She now understands that like the practice of yoga, she was attracted to their quality of purity.

Annie’s relationship with YLEOs came full circle when another schoolmate had reintroduced them to her in March of 2014. This time, through the LemonDropper team, Annie’s holistic world expanded tremendously. She saw clearly that both Young Living and yoga would be her tools in which could grow herself personally, increase her knowledge, skills, talents, hone her leadership qualities, her understanding of health and daily life.

Learning as much and as quickly as she can, Annie was drawn into this work that did not feel at all like work to her. Investing countless hours and energy, in just 25 months, Annie has achieved the rank of Diamond (the 8th rank in Young Living). Annie continues to work (and play hard) leading her growing team of leaders called the PranaDroppers to their own successes and that of her own. Annie’s larger aim in life has always been to allow her to leave this world a better place. Through this work of inspiring and leading others to learn and take responsibility of their own wellness, helping all in her team to achieve health, and financial freedom, Annie finds contentment and fulfillment. Annie feels blessed that this YLEO work allows her to draw on many aspects of herself, her interests and skill sets in science, economics, sociology and the arts. As she continues to learn, grow and inspire herself and others in her team, Annie is now beginning to truly understand Gary Young’s mission of inspiring all to live a life of "Wellness, Abundance & Purpose