Anni Dayan

I live in Leucadia, a funky neighborhood in Encinitas, Ca.  My husband is my best friend. I have 2 boys; 10 and 22. I love to play soccer, even if my body doesn't agree. I have been a co-owner of Seaside Realty for the last 18 years with one of my best friends. You can usually find me in the kitchen.  I am a foodie and love sweets (a little too much. I grew up in Manhattan Beach by the beach.  I love the ocean and the sun on my face.I love my Rhodesian Ridgeback Zimmy.  Because of him, I walk everyday. I believe laughter is the best medicine and am a big prankster at heart.  I am a Reiki practitioner and love YL oils.  They changed my life after surgery .  My family and friends mean the world to me.  I lost my mom at age 30 and her lessons are how I live my life.